Be it a gig, festival, presentation, theatre show or any event where people gather, the right sound is crucial. At CUE Stage we can provide PA equipment to suit most venues, backline, technicians, sound engineers and advice in the planning stage so it's right first time. We can also install and maintain equipment. 

Lighting is an art form all of its own. When done right it can be an emotive experience for an audience. At CUE Stage We light gigs, festivals, theatre and corporate events. We seek the best designers and have technicians with the experience to work in any setting and on any size stage. 

We work with many theatre societies across the UK both professional and amateur. We provide light and sound equipment, professional staff and training in all technical aspects of theatre. We have access to set, props, stage decks and can transform spaces that aren't usually for performances.

We work with organisations who put on events. Supplying digital marketing strategies tailored for each project. We have achieved great success for our clients over the years and many return and use us again. Let us look at your event and see how CUE Stage can create a unique experience for your end user.

Working on corporate events takes a certain class of people. Professionalism is a must and we only provide the best solutions and people to our corporate clients. Small presentations, AGMs, product launches, award ceremonies, we work with companies of all sizes helping our clients realise their ideas,

We train and mentor people of all ages in Sound and light. Whether it be for a role in a studio, live venue, theatre or touring production we provide grounding experiences of what it is like to work in the events industry as a technician. We are currently working towards an apprenticeship scheme of our own.

 We've got some great stuff coming up and new events, shows and projects in development all the time.


If you would like to talk to us in person please call our office on 03339875097 we are happy to talk about how CUE Stage can work with you to enhance your event and have a team waiting to hear your ideas.

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